Getting Wedding Ready

I'm always looking to broaden my audience and venturing in to the wedding market is my number one goal ever trying to get my foot in the door!! As promising as it could be, I just don't have time to wait for all the kids I shoot now to get married. 

On Monday, I went to shoot at Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire with the awesome Brett Harkness. Along with 11 other students, he generously guided us through typical wedding day set ups and scenarios, it gave me a huge buzz to be documenting in a different style.  I'm so excited to shoot more and more wedding stories. The discipline and format of the day is so different to what I normally shoot I could hardly wait to get the images off the cards and on to my Mac!!!.

I hope that anyone reading this will give me a call to discuss oppurtunities with their friends and families who are thinking of their wedding photographer. Even if your budget is low, give me a call and talk to me as we can both benefit from the experience!!!